Thursday, November 1, 2007

Hank Hill - the Black one

So everyone knows I don't cook! I eat out most of the time or I'll bring leftovers from my folks if I'm there for dinner. Yesterday, after I stopped to pick-up my tennis racket from the guy who runs a shop out of his home, I passed by Wendy's for a meal. I ordered a few things; a salad, fries, a chocolate frosty and a biscuit. I got lucky because the crowd came in right behind me and it all of a sudden got crowded. And this Wendy's was in the hood, but it was close to a major highway (I guess). And the highway was backed-up. Anyway I was trying to be cheap and not get a burger because I had some other leftover wings at home that I had planned to finish those. So I'm waiting for my food and this young guy clearly didn't know what he was doing was preparing my order. The woman at the register got the salad and the frosty. All he needed to do was get the fries and the biscuit. I don't know what he was looking at, but I saw him put a burger in my bag! I took it all knowing it was wrong, but at that point I wanted a burger, and it didn't matter which one! And that joint was good! But the funniest part of that trip to Wendys was that the guy's name who was filling my order is HANK HILL. I could die laughing and could not get KING OF THE HILL out of my head for the rest of the day. There are so many slow people on that show!

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